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New Addition to CnC Marina

posted Jun 23, 2018, 8:21 AM by Ed Cartier
The residents are an important history of Honey Harbour and their wellbeing, too.  I'm here to ensure everyone has access to good health, a natural way to better their health and reverse disease.  As a Register Holistic Nutritionist, I have helped many people with diet, low immune system, stomach issues, pain, reversing disease and so much more.  In the health store, there are pharmaceutical grade supplements that don't have side effects.  Need your ligaments, tendons or joints repaired with a pain killer...then I have the solution in my store.  Trouble sleeping, inflammation, hormone issues, need to generate new liver cells or maybe your are stressed?  If it isn't in the store I can order it for you. 

I focus on holistic healing by making my own semi precious stone jewelry.  My favourite is hematite because it absorbs negative energy around you.  I make essential oil soap that is chemical free, so it won't disrupt hormone function.  I grow a plentiful garden on my family farm that will be available in Honey Harbour.  I wanted to provide organic vegetables at a cheaper price, so everyone can have an opportunity to eat better.  There are lots other homemade goodies in my Health store, but you need to drop in to see.

I have other services that I provide after hours on the weekends like body system assessments.  Visit my website if you want more information, and don't forget to read my award winning blogs.

Janette de Vries, RHN