Fishing Tips for Georgian Bay

              Let's Go Fishing!

It doesn't matter if you are a leisure, new or experienced fisher. Let us take you to some ideal fishing spots in the Georgian Bay. 

These chaps did well!

(Left to right: Jack, Bill, Joe, Frank and Andy)

Just look at the size of the pike these Great Uncles caught in Georgian Bay near Honey Harbour.

          The Musky of Georgian Bay

Looking to be the next Canadian record holder for Musky? 

A popular spot is with lots of rocks and shoal. The musky tends to be in these areas after a long day in the deeper waters of Georgian Bay.
Of course, we know where the most promising locations are for those big muskies, and the perfect time of day to catch one.

Just a reminder, anything over 54.1" must be released, so don't forget that camera to capture your great musky adventure!

 Fishing Trip Prep 101

If you are fishing for Pike, dead bait seems to be the secret of many fishing experts. A can of sardines from the grocery store coupled with a bucktail lure will help you target pike.

The Walleye can be lured from its dark and warm spot with some live bait.  No need to cast or troll in the shallower waters, just pitch.  Point the tip of the rod at the target, pinch the line with your fingers, release it underhand and watch it sail just above the water.

Bass, small or big mouth, are targeted by either flip or pitch technique.  Of course Bass have a few colours they favour; green-pumpkin and black-blue.

Always look at Ontario's fishing regulations for fishing tackle, live bait, fishing limits, size restriction, catch and release.